Start in die Saison 2021/2022

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Nachdem die letzte Saison ja doch recht beschwerlich war aufgrund der Pandemie, gehen wir voll Hoffnung und Zuversicht in die Zukunft. Der Kader wurde fixiert und die ersten Sommertrainings sind gestartet. Was gibt es schöneres im Sommer als sich beim Wasserskifahren auszutoben. Wir wünschen allen sportlichen Erfolg und g'sund bleiben!!

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The transformation of land-based casinos into online casinos came hand in hand with the rise of gaming software in the 70s of the last century. This software came to replace the mechanical processes that regulated the operation of the different games available, such as slot machines. Soon after, the first Blackjack software was developed. So how have today's casinos reviewed at come to be?

It was the arrival of the Internet and its more or less massive accessibility during the 1990s that made the whole process more sophisticated, allowing different computers to connect to each other through networked servers. With the arrival of new gaming laws and regulations came the first private initiatives of software developers for online casino games.

This was the case of Microgaming in 1994, pioneers in the development of such online software. Subsequently, other companies such as Cryptologic provided the necessary security to make money transactions during online gaming and betting.

So it is not surprising that they created in 1996 the first online casino. In a process of continuous expansion, today there are (including virtual poker rooms and online sports betting houses) more than 2,300 online casinos.